SALVEMOSCALAMOSCA.ES is a communication channel that reflects the desire to preserve and protect the natural environment of Cala Mosca. We represent the desire of the people of Orihuela Costa to continue having a natural space where endemic species grow and in a vulnerable state, and we represent the discomfort of the public due to the news of their imminent and unintelligible destruction, with the excuse of the construction of a new urbanization in the last virgin kilometer of the Orihuela’s coast.

From SALVEMOSCALAMOSCA.ES we do not accept any possible excuse, because it is our heritage of air, earth and life, as our logo expresses. The quality of life that Cala Mosca grants Orihuela and those who come close to it is incalculable, in terms of mental and physical, physical and mental health, and its destruction has no possibility of recovery. The losses will be forever for Orihuela, the economic gains for private entities are negligible and volatile compared to the equity value created, little by little, over centuries.

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