*Let's save Cala Mosca* 💙organize a protest festive event because *there is still hope* to conserve this wonderful virgin space.

We are waiting for you next *Sunday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. in Playa Flamenca* with a series of activities.

Among these activities, the collaboration of the *Basque singer-songwriter Ionka Díez* stands out, who will pay tribute to Spanish and Latin American singer-songwriters, and we will give way to the reading a words to protect Cala Mosca

All this will be a small party in which we will light a *candle* to make our wish and we will have a *soda with a snack* 😋

The contribution is €6 and *the benefits obtained will be entirely allocated to the Save Cala Mosca association* to finance our next protection campaigns.

*It is necessary to reserve* your pack in advance (drink + snack + candle) in order to take into account the provisions

In addition, the event will be a signature collection point 📝 and purchase your cap and/or t-shirt 👕

*We need your support* and attendance at events to evaluate future actions. Together we can achieve it and if it is in a festive atmosphere, even better

Who does not want to buy the package is invited to come anyway. The important thing is your support. 💚

You can not miss! Write or call 666064449 for more information and to book.

*Thanks for everything!*


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