As they say, reality is stranger than fiction. The real is more exciting than photography, but to show you what we mean and what they want to destroy, I show you some examples:

To survive with little water, the adventure of interacting with the bathers being one of them, and a bit of watermelon, the Betic lizard:


Being without seeming so, going unnoticed until there is no more, the Tudorella Mauretanica:


Innocence and life in bloom, the wonder of life, the Jarilla Cabeza de Gato:


Float in the air, hover, scan the horizon, you have your home on the cliffs of Cala Mosca, the Kestrel:


You come from far away, you pass through Cala Mosca, who knows what you think of the greed of humanity:


What remains to be discovered, the space to stop with yourself, the surroundings of Cala Mosca:


The beauty itself, the tranquility, the peace, the bath, a dangerous descent, nudism, the coves:

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