SALVEMOSCALAMOSCA.ES does not identify with a political color other than respect for the environment, the fauna and the flora of the battered and patient coast of Orihuela. The natural value that we lose is not paid for with millions of euros because we can never recover it.

Reasons why we understand that building in the natural environment of Cala Mosca is an aberration:

    • The benefits will be economic for the City Council and construction company, in contrast, the rest of the population of Orihuela Costa will lose this environmental wealth, and the city council a great environmental heritage.
    • The environmental heritage of Cala Mosca does not belong to the owner of the land, but to the planet earth and it is the inheritance that we give to our daughters and sons.
    • It is foreseeable that the population of Orihuela Costa will not see any benefit reflected, because it currently lacks the necessary services in terms of citizen security, circulation routes and access to urbanizations, sewage treatment, sewage, etc. This demonstrates the lack of interest of the majority of the municipal council in managing essential services that the population of Orihuela Costa has been demanding for years. Let's add 2,200 homes to these problems.
    • We will lose the last virgin kilometer of the Orihuela coast! The city council believes that it has the right to privatize the entire coast, depriving citizens of the possibility of enjoying it freely, and their descendants of knowing the environmental wealth that it once had.
    • It destroys the habitable environment of the endemic species, Tudorella Mauritanica and the Jarilla Cabeza de gato, in addition to which kestrels nest annually and there is a colony of the Betic lizard, also in a vulnerable state.
    • Because with aberrations such as building the entire coast, these species no longer have space to survive.
    • The massive construction business has been shown to be a defeat of the future. Orihuela mortgages the health and options of its town by selling its entire coastal perimeter.
    • The City Council has a duty to solve the lack of services in Orihuela Costa, instead, it promises to multiply them by allowing more houses, more people and fewer services in proportion to each person.
    • The City Council has shown that it wants asphalt for its sack, cement, garbage and shortages.


Thanks to the City Council, the town of Orihuela and its endemic species lose hope of enjoying a free, healthy and natural environment without building on the coast.


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