Let's save Cala Mosca

Together we stop the urban savagery in Cala Mosca, our only undeveloped km of the Orihuela coast.

We will lose endemic species, the only natural space without building, a unique environment of virgin beaches, we will saturate the N-332 more, etc.

We are allowing an unsustainable mode of construction, while we lose an irrecoverable natural wealth and under dozens of irregularities and negative reports from various institutions, it is an outdated tourism model that promises more progress to citizens (when the only progress is the private interest of the construction company and city council) the only thing that citizens will receive is to lose that natural space, more traffic jams, more sewage, more discharges, more saturation. And the City Council is not going to put any solution to all this.

Now it is our turn to act. Join the Salvemos Cala Mosca platform and be heard.

Open this link to join the WhatsApp group and stop the destruction of the Cala Mosca environment:


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El pasado 12 de agosto tuvo lugar una reunión de cinco miembros del colectivo Salvemos Cala Mosca con la actual alcaldesa Carolina Gracia, el concejal de urbanismo José Aix y una técnico municipal. Se trataron temas relacionados con el actual estado del sector D-1 Alameda del […]
Salvemos Cala Mosca estamos recogiendo firmas para preservar este entorno natural, para proteger las especies en especial estado vulnerable y conservar los colectivos actuales de las playas, la playa de los perros y las dos calas naturistas. Pero no sólo por esto, que ya sería suficiente, […]